Jun 2016

New Beginnings

With 2015 in the rear view mirror and the remainder of 2016 straight ahead, I am taking a giant leap in my life with the launch of RivalrySportsMarketing.com.  My intent goes well beyond the mission statement and the ideas I have are mounted out of both frustration and inspiration.  Before I go there, here is the mission statement:

“Rivalry Sports Marketing was founded on the principle of simplicity and we are driven by determination.  Our goal is to provide both a superior member experience and tremendous value to our clients.”

Not only will we do what is promised in my mission statement, but we will do so in such a way we might just change the sports marketing world entirely.  Our online proposals are designed to display pertinent information to enable a company to make an informed quick decision based off their own internal metrics.  This means a quicker response time and will greatly impact both the amount of sponsorships nationwide, as well as the return on investment for the sponsors.  It will likely not impact the large endorsements of star athletes but will help local leagues rebuild bleachers or parents not have to pay for their kid’s uniforms or league fees.  The list goes on and on.

The simple fact is that the very people that need sponsored do not have time to find a sponsor.  They work during the day and coach or train afterwards, by the time they get home it is way too late to be making cold calls to businesses. That is where we come in.  We will help all levels of athletes, teams, leagues, events, businesses, etc. with their sports marketing needs. I would love to have 5,000 clients across the country with small sponsorships that keep their teams operating and kids playing.

I guess I have already moved into the frustration part, but simply put, I want to help out this great nation of ours and future generations enjoy the opportunities that sports can provide without having their parents work overtime to afford their sneakers or equipment.  Those sneakers by the way are from the same companies that are willing to pay millions of dollars to athletes for their endorsements as well as give them free shoes.  So we live in a country where businesses give the rich athletes free shoes but make children pay for them?

If that wasn’t frustrating enough for me, the sacrifice our veterans have made over the past 15 years has not been appreciated by the economy.  I vow Rivalry Sports Marketing will not only train and employ veterans, but we will invest in them.  I want to hire as many veterans as possible and offer franchises for them to build their own business.  I will also not be writing a press release about that.  I will not advertise that I am helping my brothers and sisters in arms.  I will just do it and continue doing it.  If another 15 year war breaks out I will not wait until year 13 to announce through the press that we are now going to phase in a hiring initiative of veterans. It will already be happening, because it is what’s right.

My inspiration comes from several friends who seemingly work to fund their competitive and adventurous warrior spirit, that same warrior spirit that makes this country so great. I see it in them and it amazes me. Companies could easily pick up some of their travel expenses or provide free gear for their habits in a marketing partnership. That is my inspiration to help our nation’s warriors.

Simply put, Rivalry Sports Marketing was founded to help others, please contact me if you or someone you know needs something, anything at all.