Who Should Join?

RivalrySportsMarketing.com is built to connect individuals, teams, leagues, and event managers with businesses.  So if you are looking for a sponsor or looking to enhance your business through sports marketing, I recommend you give it a shot.

What are the membership options?

Our Basic Membership is free to join.

If you would like to have a Basic Membership but be Featured on the website, join as a Featured Member for just $4.99 per month.

Our Elite membership is $29.99 per month to join.  Elite members have a dedicated account manager to find sponsors for them.  The account manager will save you time by working on your behalf to make your crowdfunding profile, submit proposals, and make postings for you on the calendar and job board.

Why are the prices so low?

RivalrySportsMarketing.com is built for all levels of athletes, teams, leagues, event manager, and businesses.   Our goal is to provide the best customer service and save you time in hunting for sports marketing opportunities.  We want to help all levels from youth sports to professionals and in order to do that, we promise to always keep our membership options affordable.

How do I submit my proposal?

Once you have joined you will have the option to submit your proposal, which is a template form we have already created.  The entire process should take about 5 minutes to complete. The proposal lets you pick who to send it to from the drop down box on the form  I recommend sending your first proposal to Rivalry Sports Marketing so we can review it and provide some feedback.

I already have a proposal, do I have to use yours?

That is great!  You can attach your proposal (up to 5mb) as a pdf on our proposal.  You must still complete our proposal form though.  The idea behind our proposals is to give decision makers enough information to make a rapid decision on your proposal.  Don’t worry it will only take a matter of minutes to complete.

Where can I buy your apparel?

Thanks for your support and asking!  100% of our apparel division profits go towards funding Veterans’ athletic goals and giving them meaningful sporting experiences.  We want to create opportunities for Veterans to stay healthy and active.  You can support by purchasing apparel online here, and on Shopify, Facebook, and Pinterest.